Why does someone who has never sought or held public office decide in middle age, after more than three decades of a successful professional career, to become a candidate for the US House of Representatives?

Let’s start with what I know best: health care and health policy. It is my carefully considered opinion that Republican efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act will be a calamity for the people of our district, the Commonwealth, and the nation.

When this “repeal and replace” effort produced a bill in the House called the American Health Care Act, twenty Republican members of the House voted No. Four of those 20 were from Pennsylvania. So, even though our congressional delegation has 13 Republicans and 5 Democrats, the delegation split 9-9 on this issue – mirroring the roughly equal distribution of Pennsylvanians between the two major parties.

My congressman, a Republican in his 8th term, did not cast one of the No votes. I believe very strongly that he should have, that repeal is counter to the interests of his constituents. But Rep. Tim Murphy did not even have a Democratic opponent in 2016 or 2014. He had no reason to vote anything but the GOP party line.

Had the bill for which Murphy voted for become law, 37,000 people in our district would have lost their healthcare coverage.

It is time for a strong Democratic candidate to speak to the voters of the 14th District about why 15 years of Republican representation in the House have not served the district well.

It is time for the people to have a choice, time for them to think about whether GOP control of the House is right for the nation.

I believe the GOP legislative agenda in Washington will if enacted, be bad for us: bad for our system of health care, bad for the environment and the planet, bad for consumer protections, and for civil rights, minority rights, workers’ rights, and women’s rights.

America’s future is on the line. The midterm elections of 2018 must bring a sea change to Congress. You may be tired of hearing about how every election is the most important one of our lifetimes, but if you agree with me that our nation faces many critical decisions, it is time to make sure you are registered to vote and to get involved.

The election of Conor Lamb sent shockwaves through the political establishment and put areas like Washington, Greene, Fayette, and Westmoreland Counties in the spotlight like never before. We must capitalize on this success and continue the #bluewave America needs in 2018.

It is time for a strong Democratic candidate to speak to the voters of the 14th District about why 15 years of Republican representation in the House have not served the district well. We need to build on the momentum created by Conor Lamb’s important victory over Rick Saccone in the March 13 Special Election.


Bob Solomon was raised by an elementary school teacher mother and Teamster truck driver father in Pennsylvania. He commuted from the Logan neighborhood of Philadelphia to attend and graduate from Central High School. After attending Penn State for a year, Bob transferred to Temple University to finish his pre-medical studies before entering Pitt to earn his MD in 1982.

Bob has practiced emergency medicine in the greater Pittsburgh area for over three decades, caring for every patient who came to him at more than a dozen hospitals. His background and choice of profession have shaped his ideals and values.

The Solomon Family

Bob and his wife of 33 years, Donna, an electrical engineer and Technical Sales Manager for Europe and Automotive for the Magnetics Company, have three daughters. Eldest Diana and husband Matt, both schoolteachers, welcomed baby Joshua to their home in California in early 2016. Middle daughter Julia died of SIDS at three months old. Rose is currently a medical student at Temple University, doing her clinical rotations at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA.

Professional Background

Bob taught emergency medicine on a Temple University faculty appointment at Allegheny General Hospital and enjoys mentoring UPMC emergency medicine residents by attending a monthly Journal Club at which they review the most current research. He has served on the national Board of Directors of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and is a volunteer Distinguished Senior Reviewer for the foremost medical journal in his specialty. Bob and Donna are members of Temple Emanuel of South Hills, and were active in the stewardship of the Homeowners’ Association Walden Woods Community Services Association, including Bob’s tenure of 13 years as president.

Bob’s long work shifts and Donna’s work schedule as Sales Director, Western European Division of Magnetics mean that vacations are reserved for visiting with family, but as a history buff, Bob hopes for a visit to Gettysburg soon. They reside in Oakdale, where Donna enjoys tending her garden and Bob relaxes by reading American history, especially presidential biographies.